About CGVC and the Need for Support

Participants from all over Britain and extending into Europe attend CGVC to see the latest developments in the fields of visualization, computer graphics, virtual reality, and computer vision. The CGVC programme comprises of the top selection of all paper submissions. This selection is made over the course of a competitive peer-reviewing process, which involves the most respected scientists throughout the UK. The proceedings of CGVC are published and archived in the Eurographics digital library. CGVC is a priority British meeting point for many of the leading researchers in the visualization, graphics, virtual reality, and vision research fields.

The participants of CGVC pay a registration fee for attending the conference. Not at the least due to the relatively high prices in the UK, additional support is needed to offer a satisfying conference to all participants. To actually acquire this support, we (the event organizers) have started to contact a number of potential supporters from both the public and private sectors.

How to support CGVC?

(For reasons why supporting CGVC is a good idea, see further below.) We are open, of course, to ideas that sponsors also have on how to support CGVC and we welcome suggestions.

In addition to the option of becoming a general sponsor of CGVC, there is also an opportunity to support the conference by sponsoring one or more specific part(s) of the event:

  • A Social Event Sponsor covers the cost of the social event at CGVC
  • A Lunch Sponsor supports the lunches on one of the days of CGVC
  • A Film Coverage Sponsor supports the production of videos from all conference talks
  • A Coffee Break Sponsor associates with all coffee breaks on one of the days
  • A Sponsor of an Invited Speaker
  • A Sponsor of the Best Paper Award helps to shape up the CGVC Award(s)
  • We invite Sponsors to help Young Researchers to attend CGVC

Depending on the choice of sponsoring package(s), the following advantages are offered to our sponsors:

  • All sponsors of CGVC are advertised with their logo (and link) on the conference web page, in the venue and on the screens (order/prominence according to the level of support).
  • Sponsors get (a) free conference pass(es) according to the amount of support.
  • We put special emphasis on the opportunity to support Young Researchers to help young(er) participants, e.g., PhD and/or Master students, with the accommodation and travelling, and to keep their registration fee as low as possible.


Please contact [email protected].

Further Questions and Answers

In the following we make an attempt to answer questions that we anticipated when preparing for this event.

Why support CGVC?

There are several good reasons for sponsors to help making CGVC a success, including the following:

  • CGVC provides an excellent opportunity to advertise one’s own business to potential users/customers as well as to potential new employees and/or partners. This might be especially interesting for local businesses. It is a unique opportunity to gain exposure to an international audience that is both highly knowledgeable as well as influential when it comes to decision making processes in their local environment.
  • CGVC provides inspiration for potential innovation within one’s own product portfolio. It’s also relevant for updating knowledge about the current state of the art (in visual computing) and possible developments in related areas.
  • CGVC provides the best annual UK-based opportunity to get in contact with a strong selection of the European-wide best results/individuals in current visual computing research. This is a recruiting opportunity.
  • CGVC is interesting both for researchers/scientists as well as for practitioners and technologists in the field of visual computing.
  • A major goal of organizing CGVC is to make it an interesting, nice, enjoyable event for all participants –many influential and widely recognized experts from all around the UK attend CGVC every year to get a best possible update in visual computing. We think that it is really important that satisfied participants will return home from CGVC with a positive impression from the conference and that they enjoyed coming. To provide the participants of CGVC with such a positive experience, a substantial amount of additional funding/sponsoring is necessary and supporters can be the enabling factor to make this possible. Of course, this important positive role of all supporters will be made explicit before, throughout, and after the conference.
  • Employers may also want to raise their awareness of competition.

Terms of Payment for Sponsors

First of all, a commitment to sponsor CGVC is the starting point for a successful process. The offered advantages for sponsors of CGVC become effective once the support has been received. Sponsors will be charged the negotiated amount through an accordingly worded invoice. Details w.r.t. this (timing, process, wording) can be discussed with the conference organizers and a certain amount of flexibility is definitely considered an advantage