Steering Committee

Organizing Committee

Programme Committee

David Hunter
Programme Chair
Aberystwyth University
Peter Vangorp
Programme Chair
Utrecht University
Alfie Abdul-Rahman
King's College London
Peter Butcher
Bangor University
Hamish Carr
University of Leeds
Fiona Carroll
Cardiff Met University
Min Chen
University of Oxford
Bailin Deng
Cardiff University
Alexandra Diehl
University of Zurich
Mai Elshehaly
City, University of London
Hui Fang
Loughborough University
Sara Fernstad
Newcastle University
Paul Hibbard
University of Essex
Ioannis Ivrissimtzis
Durham University
Nigel W. John
University of Chester
Mark Jones
Swansea University
George Alex Koulieris
Durham University
Rafael Kuffner dos Anjos
University of Leeds
Yu-Kun Lai
Cardiff University
Robert Laramee
University of Nottingham
Frederick W. B. Li
Durham University
Steve Maddock
University of Sheffield
Helen Miles
Aberystwyth University
Kenny Mitchell
Edinburgh Napier University
Tim Morris
Univerity of Manchester
Amal Dev Parakkat
Institut Polytechnique de Paris
Steve Pettifer
University of Manchester
Mujeeb Ur Rehman
York St. John University
Panagiotis D. Ritsos
Bangor University
Roy Ruddle
University of Leeds
Ran Song
University of Brighton
Aaron Sújar
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
Xianfang Sun
Cardiff University
Gary KL Tam
Swansea University
Wen Tang
Bournemouth University
Bernard Tiddeman
Aberystwyth University
Cagatay Turkay
University of Warwick
Martin Turner
University of Manchester
Franck Vidal
Bangor University
Pierre-Frederic Villard
University of Lorraine
Sean Walton
Swansea University
Jing Wu
Cardiff University
Kai Xu
University of Nottingham
Jian Jun Zhang
Bournemouth University
Yufeng Zhu
University of British Columbia
Reyer Zwiggelaar
Aberystwyth University


Below are the roles and responsibilities for members of the CGVC Organizing Committee.

EG UK Chapter Chair Responsibilities

  • To chair the annual AGM
  • To liaise with the EG UK Secretary and EG UK Treasurer
  • To liaise with the Eurographics Association
  • To promote the continuity of the annual CGVC Conference by soliciting Conference and Programme Chairs
  • To oversee and encourage progress on the organisation of the annual CGVC Conference

CGVC Conference Chair

  • Put together the Organizing Committee
  • Coordinate with event/organization that CGVC is co-locate with
  • Coordinate with co-located event to get complimentary registration for keynote, other guests
  • Set up budget
  • Publicize on mailing lists, online calendars, blogs, social media
  • Bring in sponsors
  • Find a keynote speaker

Programme Chair

  • Put together the Programme Committee
  • Write Call for Papers
  • Set up reviewing site easychair
  • Assign reviewers (at least 3 per paper)
  • Determine the accepted papers based on reviews (no more than 12 papers)
  • Notify authors of acceptance/rejection
  • Determine programme schedule
  • Chair the programme onsite, including keeping to a schedule (have time remaining signs)

Publication Chair

  • Set up agreement with ACM for proceedings in the International Conference Proceedings Series, including free access for two weeks prior
  • Get ISBN number
  • Get copyrights from authors for all accepted papers
  • Provide copyright block for papers to authors
  • Collect camera ready papers from authors
  • Check formatting of papers, fix minor issues, communicate to authors
  • Generate frontmatter for proceedings instructions
  • Send papers on to ACM
  • Send papers to whoever puts them onto a USB drive for the conference
  • Ensure that papers are available two weeks before the event and mail the URL to the CGVC mailing list

Web Master

  • Website development
  • Website and email hosting
  • Website information updating
  • General website maintenance