Best Paper Awards

The Terry Hewitt Prize: Best Student Technical Paper

RPS-Net: Indoor Scene Point Cloud Completion using RBF-Point Sparse Convolution
by Tao Wang, Jing Wu, Ze Ji, and Yu-Kun Lai

The Rob Fletcher Prize: Best Student Application Paper

AUPE: An Emulator for the ExoMars PanCam Instrument
by A. Ladegaard, M. Gunn, H. C. Miles, and L. Tyler

The Ken Brodlie Prize: Best Full Paper

Augmenting Anomaly Detection Datasets with Reactive Synthetic Elements
by I. Nikolov

The David Duce Prize: Best Short Paper

Just Noticeable Difference of Dead Pixels in Monochrome Computer-Generated Holograms
by Nicholas Lindfield, Remington Carey, Vedad Hulusic, Darran Milne, and Wen Tang