Guidelines for Presenters

In the sessions within which your paper is to be presented you will participate through a zoom session within which you will meet with the sessions chair and other presenters and participate in a Q&A after the presentation of your paper.

You will deliver your presentation live from your own laptop/PC sharing your screen in Zoom.

Presenters are expected to join their session 15 minutes before its official start time to meet their session chair, set up and test equipment, and receive final instructions.

Presentation Timing

All accepted submission will be given a presentation slot as follows:

  • Full paper: 15 minutes presentation plus 5 minutes of Q&A
  • Short Paper/Viewpoint Paper: 10 minutes presentation plus 5 minutes of Q&A
  • Poster: 5 minutes presentation plus 5 minutes of Q&A

Video Submission - Extra

To be ready for any possible issue we would like to ask you to prepare and submit a video recording the presentation of your paper according to the submission guidelines listed below. The video will be used as a backup to cater for possible technical faults during the live presentation. If any details are unclear you can contact the Conference organisers for clarification.

Note: The video is NOT a substitute of the live presentation, the video will be used ONLY if needed due to unforeseen/unexpected technical issues.

Video Formatting

  • Full Papers: 15 minutes
  • Short Papers: 10 minutes
  • Posters: 5 minutes
Filename: PaperNumber-PresenterName.mp4 or PaperNumber-PresenterName.avi
Submission: Please upload your video to this repository.
Deadline: Submission of the video must be completed by Tuesday 7th September.
Content: First, include a title slide at the beginning of the video. You are welcome to talk over it but ensure it is visible for long enough for the viewer to read at least the title of the paper. The exact style of presentation is up to the presenter of the paper. When recording audio please ensure that you use a good quality microphone, in a suitably quiet environment (computer fans are a notorious problem if recording directly to a computer).