Computer Graphics & Visual Computing (CGVC) 2018

13th - 14th September 2018

Swansea University, United Kingdom


The pdf of the programme can be viewed here.

Paper Presentations

AuthorsPaper TitlePaper Type
Rees, Dylan; Roberts, Richard; Laramee, Robert S. ; Brookes, Paul; Smith, Gary;Hardware-Assisted Scatterplots for Millions of Call EventsFull paper
George, Minu; Denton, Erika; Zwiggelaar, Reyer ;Topological connected graph modelling and classification of mammographic microcalcificationFull paper
Roberts, Richard; Rees, Dylan; Laramee, Robert S. ; Brookes, Paul; Smith, Gary;RiverState: A Visual Metaphor Representing Millions of Time-Oriented State TransitionsFull paper
Roberts, Richard; McNabb, Liam; Alharbi, Naif; Laramee, Robert S. ;Spectrum: A C++ Header Library for Colour Map ManagementFull paper
Ankomah, Peter; Vangorp, Peter;Immersive virtual reality : A literature review and metrics-based classificationFull paper
Borer, Dominik; guay, martin; W. Sumner, Robert;Keys-to-Sim: Transferring Hand-Crafted Key-framed Animations to Simulated Figures using Wide Band Stochastic Trajectory OptimizationFull paper
Algethami, Nahlah; Redfern, Sam;Combining accumulated frame differencing and corner detection for motion detectionFull paper
FIRAT, Elif Emel; Laramee, Robert S. ;Towards a Survey of Interactive Visualization for EducationFull paper
McNabb, Liam, Max Wilson, Robert S Laramee;When Size Matters: Towards Evaluating Perceivability of ChoroplethsFull paper
Tong, Chao; McNabb, Liam; Laramee, Robert;Cartograms with Topological FeaturesFull paper
Casas Cambra, Llogari; Fauconneau, Matthias; Kosek, Maggie; Mclister, Kieran; Mitchell, Kenny;Image Based Proximate Shadow RetargetingFull paper
A. Aal-Yhia; P. Malcolm; O. Akanyeti; R. Zwiggelaar ; B. TiddemanGroupwise non-rigid image alignment with graph-based initialisationFull paper
Mudur, Sudhir;Knowledge-based Discovery of Transportation Object Properties by Fusing Multi-modal GIS DataFull paper
Leach, Matthew; Maddock, Steve;Physically-based Sticky LipsFull paper
Alharbi, Mohammad; Laramee, Robert S. SoS TextVis: A Survey of Surveys on Text VisualizationFull paper
Koester, Marcel; Krueger, Antonio;Screen Space Particle SelectionFull paper
Whittle, Joss; Jones, Mark;A Deep Learning Approach to No-Reference Image Quality Assessment For Monte Carlo Rendered ImagesFull paper

AuthorsPaper TitlePaper Type
Laube, Pascal;Image Inpainting for High-Resolution Textures using CNN Texture SynthesisShort paper
Macho, Philipp Marten;Segmenting Teeth from Volumetric CT Data with a Hierarchical CNN-based ApproachShort paper
Ahmed, Abdalla;Voronoi Tree Maps with Circular BoundariesShort paper
Zhang, Xin;Single Image Watermark Retrieval from 3D Printed Surfaces via Convolutional Neural NetworksShort paper
Al-maliki, Shatha; Lutton, Évelyne; Boué, François; Vidal, Franck;Evolutionary interactive analysis of MRI Gastric images using a multiobjective cooperative-coevolution schemeShort Paper

AuthorsPaper TitlePaper Type
Feng-Sheng Lin, Yun-Yun Tsou, Chang-Yu Tang, Hui-Chi Tsai, Yu-Hsin Chen, Ruen-Rone LeeLight Source Reconstruction for Augmented Reality Rendering using Dynamic ThresholdingPoster
Ben TaylorA Screen Space Algorithm for Casting Shadows of Seemingly Impossible Models (Extended Abstract)Poster
Cameron GrayVisualising the University Degree JourneyPoster
Mario Sandoval, Tim Morris, Martin TurnerMultiple Degrees-Of-Freedom Input Devices for Interactive Command and Control within Virtual Reality in Industrial VisualizationsPoster
Taiwei Wang, David George, Yu-Kun Lai, Xianghua Xie, Gary KL TamConsistent Segment-wise Matching with Multi-Layer GraphsPoster
Michelle Wu, Zhidong XiaoCharacter Animation Reconstruction from Content-Based Motion RetrievalPoster
Paria Yousefi, Ludmila Kuncheva, Clare MatthewsSelecting Feature Representation for Online Summarisation of Egocentric VideosPoster
Kuba Maruszczyk, Gyorgy Denes, Rafal MantiukImproving Quality of Anti-Aliasing in Virtual RealityPoster