Computer Graphics and Visual Computing (CGVC) 2018

pp. 135 - 141

Spectrum: A C++ Header Library for Colour Map Management

Richard C. Roberts, Liam McNabb, Naif AlHarbi, and Robert S. Laramee


The use of colour mapping is fundamental to visualisation research. It acts as an additional layer beyond rendering in the spatial dimensions and provides a link between values in any dataset. When designing and building visualisation research software, the process of creating and managing a colour mapping system can be time-consuming and complex. Existing alternatives offer niche features and require complex dependencies or installations. We present Spectrum; an open source colour map management library that is developer friendly with no installation required, and that offers a wide variety of features for the majority of use cases. We demonstrate the utility of the library through simple snippets of code and a number of examples which illustrate its ease of use and functionality, as well as a video demonstrating the installation and use of the library in under two minutes. It is a very valuable jump-start tool for developers and researchers who need to focus on other tasks.

CCS Concepts: Software and its engineering --> Software libraries and repositories; Software design engineering; Open source model



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